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S2 | E3 | Airdate: 01/12/2018
Mary Jayne Jones is a beautiful 17-year-old innocent girl who moves to tiny Ottumwa, Iowa, to help with her sister's newborn baby. She gets a job waiting tables at the local diner where she meets the love of her life. But he's not the only person she meets there. The diner has a host of regulars who come in every day for their usual meals, but they're not all as savory as Jayne would like to believe. Yet, somehow, she doesn't seem notice. Everyone in this new town is a friend to her even the diner's other waitress, who soon becomes Jayne's new roommate even if she less than ideal. Jayne honestly believes that this town is where she's meant to be and that all these new people are meant to be in her life. She just doesn't realize that one of them is plotting to betray her with unimaginable cruelty.

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