Garage Rehab

SN 1 | EP 101 | Garage Rehab Revisited

Now that time has passed, Richard, Russell and Chris hit the road and does surprise visits to the rehabbed garages. Have they succeeded or have they failed? First up is Grapevine Automotive in Texas. Even though Dayne, the owner, is doing better financially, he's starting to bring clutter back to the garage. Which is a slippery slope. Bringing back clutter, can easily cause disorganization, which could lead to finances getting in disarray. John at Westside Hotrods in Los Angeles was the wildcard and seemed like he was going to be a hopeless case, but to Richard's and his teams' surprise, John is doing extremely well. He's picked up a hundred thousand dollar build and they are able to pay their rent on time. They did have a break in but the new security system came in handy and now the police is investigating. Richard's main concern with the garage is that John is working on too many big projects and not enough service work. Scotty of Scotty's Automotive in Texas. Scotty was a major hoarder. He didn't want to give up anything. But when Richard and his crew arrive, they shop looks great and business is up. The only thing is that Scotty changed one of his signs for the garage. Richard isn't happy about this because the imagery needs to remain consistent. Offset Kustoms in New Caney, Texas, a suburb of Houston was spared by Hurricane Harvey but they did help others with the rescue effort. When Richard, Russell and Chris arrive, they see that the shop is fine shape and their clientele has tripled. We, also find out that MJ and Morgan are going to get married. Blue Ribbon, the smog shop in Bakersfield, CA, is doing well. Michael's has hired new employees and his son Dalton is working in the shop. Things couldn't be better. For the Slop Shop in Mississippi, Jordan's business is extremely busy. He's so busy that he hasn't had time to work on Richard's bike. Richard is okay with this. His thoughts are profit before fun. Keep making that money. Jordan introduces their mascot for the shop, a pig. It seems very appropriate since the shop is called Slop Shop. Fast Lane in Nashville, TN, is doing well and he's even keeping up with accounting which was one of his biggest issues. Now, our last shop, Abel Racing in Oklahoma City, is killing it. Andrei is doing 100K to a quarter million dollar projects. And his dyno numbers are even doing better than before. Business is booming. They are truly a success story.

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Garage Rehab
Season 1