The Wiggles

SN 3 | EP 5 | Marty Party & Is It Captain Feathersword?

Today is a special day in Wiggle House because it is Anthony's birthday! The Wiggles are throwing a huge party to celebrate Anthony's special day, but they need help to make it the best birthday party ever! The world's greatest party planner, Dr Marty Party, is called in to lend a hand, and Henry the Octopus is called to lend eight hands! Will it be a party to remember, or a birthday disaster? Anthony has a crazy new dance which he wants to try out with one of his wiggly friends! Using Anthony's clues, have fun trying to work out who the mystery friend is! Join Dorothy the Dinosaur and Simon as we learn about numbers, and dance along to the spooky new jazz song called 'The Skeleton Scat'! All that and much more on Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

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The Wiggles