What On Earth?

SN 7 | EP 8 | Imhotep's Lost Labyrinth

UNDERWATER GULAG: When satellites capture spooky sunken buildings in a lake in Estonia, journalist Stewart Johnson heads to investigate. He uncovers a chilling, former communist terror gulag, with a network of eerie prison structures submerged beneath the icy waters. AFTERLIFE ASSAULT COURSE: At the world's oldest step pyramid, aerial images capture the faint outlines of a nearby trench. Digging deeper, investigators learn it contains corridors and chambers, designed to aid the dead pharaoh's soul navigate a kind of afterlife obstacle course filled with fearsome monsters. INVISIBLE BATTLESHIP: Eyes in the sky over a remote Norwegian fjord capture an iron structure in the waters, surrounded by craters. It's revealed as the final resting place of Hitler's notorious mega battleship, the Tirpitz. This formidable warship had the incredible ability to turn invisible to bombers, until the famous Dam Busters penetrated her fiendish defenses. FOREST CIRCLES: Areas of woodland in Japan display bizarre spiral tree growth patterns. Trees possess extraordinary powers we are only just learning about. These odd spirals comprise a high-profile experiment to further our understanding. BOILING MOUNTAIN: On a remote island near Antarctica a strange bright red spot glows in the frozen wilderness. It's an extremely rare lava lake that may help astronomers find extraterrestrial life in the universe.

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What On Earth?