What On Earth?

SN 5 | EP 2 | Monsters at Fort Madness

WAR OF THE WORLDS: Images from space capture a series of strange monoliths off the coast of England. When Klint Janulis explores the rusting metal monsters, he uncovers the bizarre dual role they played in the defeat of Hitler and the success of the Rolling Stones and The Beatles. NARCO GOLD: Satellites over Peru spot something troubling: a huge swathe of obliterated jungle. Investigations uncover a tale of drug lords, gold fever, and mass poisoning. CRIMSON TIDE: High above an island near Indonesia, aerial images capture a blood red mass in the water. When the mass moves from the sea onto, it becomes clear that the freaky crimson tide is alive. EYES OF GOD: Visible from space over Cuba are two, huge circles of unidentified structures. Perhaps they were constructed to honor the underground, ritualistic religion Santeria. Or are they, as some fear, numbers stations, transmitting instructions to a network of spies in America? WALL OF DEATH: A NASA satellite above the Himalayas captures evidence of the largest ever avalanche seen from space. Something about its shape does make sense. Are local military forces weaponizing nature?

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What On Earth?